Accelerate Member Engagement with Healthcare Direct Mail

Enhance member engagement by creating personalized communications

  • Highlight the advantages of your health plan
  • Increase engagement around high-priority initiatives
  • Build lasting relationships with members

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Understanding Healthcare Direct Mail

Engage members through the print communications you’re already sending and paying for.

Clarity produces and delivers optimized healthcare correspondence that drives ROI metrics such as mail-order pharmacy, telemedicine usage, and mobile app downloads.


Benefits of Healthcare Direct Mail

Improve member health outcomes while increasing engagement

There are several key benefits of using optimized direct mail, such as:

  • Better Engagement — Creating an optimized direct mail strategy can boost overall member engagement by driving participation in your highest priority member activities and benefits
  • More Personalization — Direct mail allows you to provide highly-targeted and relevant content to members, which drives more engagement and helps enhance experience, satisfaction, and retention.
  • Greater Reach — With 97% open rates and members spending an average of 2-5 minutes with these communications, healthcare direct mail is more likely to reach the recipient, be opened, lead to an action, and generate ROI than other channels.

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Accelerate Your Health Plan’s Member Engagement

Craft strategic communications that engage and delight members

Clarity produces and delivers more than 150 million member communications for 100+ plans each year, from ID cards and letters to member guides and EOBs. We’re industry leaders in healthcare correspondence, providing optimized, data-driven strategies that get results. We proudly offer an enterprise solution that enhances engagement for all forms of healthcare communications, including direct mail. Learn more about the Clarity solution and how it can transform your communications strategy.


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