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Clarity Introduces a New Integrated Communication Tool for Health Plans

Clarity Introduces a New Integrated Communication Tool for Health Plans

Guilford, CT (June 1, 2010) – Clarity Software Solutions, a cutting edge provider of on-demand document management and communications delivery services for the health insurance industry, has announced a new integrated communication tool for the health insurance and pharmacy benefits markets.

Called a ‘mini kit’, the format was created to help simplify and streamline the communications process for new health plan members. The mini kit is a smaller, more streamlined version of a traditional post enrollment member kit. It typically includes only pertinent member information such as benefit schedules, drug lists, and claim forms. This significantly reduces print and shipping costs while enhancing the member experience. Integrated with the kit are the members personalized ID cards which have traditionally been mailed separately from member kits. Combining the kit and ID cards invites further savings in postage costs by eliminating a second ID Card mailing. The kit is highly customized by plan design and incorporates personalized member and group information and can include integrated BREs and forms as determined by the clients’ business needs.

The mini kit is printed fully on-demand allowing flexibility for personalization including the table of contents, page numbering and any personal data. Clarity generates the mini kits through its proprietary application which is customized based on individual client's needs. Managing both the kit designs and ID cards through a single application creates efficiencies for organizing materials and enhances health plans abilities to service members by having online access to all production versions of materials that were delivered.

Clarity is continually evolving and looking for new ways to streamline communications for the health insurance industry. The mini kit is a perfect communications solution as it makes the content for members dynamic, relevant and usable while allowing health plans to reduce print and shipping costs. Clarity can also integrate e-delivery capabilities with the mini kit, so health plans can still produce all of the detailed information necessary for membership and facilitate access to it through their member portal. Our turnkey solution creates a seamless member experience that delivers the information they need to access their benefits (such as an ID card), while giving them 24/7 access to the details of their benefits for reference when they have questions.

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