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Clarity Weathers the Storm

Clarity Weathers the Storm

Guilford, CT (August 31, 2011) – Clarity Software Solutions, a Connecticut based company focused on innovative solutions for document management and communications delivery, was a worthy opponent to Hurricane Irene who slammed the northeast shoreline this past week, knocking down trees and power lines with considerable consequences. Local power authorities and internet service providers reported nearly 700,000 customers without power, which included Clarity’s headquarters in Guilford. The majority of the Clarity staff also endured similar loss of power and services, as well as damage to their homes from fallen trees and flooding. Nevertheless, the dedication of Clarity’s staff, combined with its automated processes and network infrastructure enabled Clarity to provide uninterrupted service to its clients during this natural disaster. Clarity’s solutions differentiate themselves as they are supported by redundant offsite data centers and production centers. “A tremendous amount of disaster recovery planning is core to our business model. Our clients, who serve millions of members around the country, count on Clarity no matter what the circumstances are. We pride ourselves on being available 24x7x365,” said Sean Rotermund, CEO and President of Clarity. “The unfortunate events of Hurricane Irene put Clarity to the test and we’re thrilled that our preparation paid off. Coupled with our dedicated and unwavering employees, we able to continue business operations without incident.” Despite poor local and national economic conditions, Clarity has grown aggressively since our inception in 2007, largely due to its unique technology and second-to-none service model.

About Clarity Software Solutions, Inc.

Clarity Software Solutions, Inc. is a fast-growing technology solutions company that assists clients to optimize customer relationships by enhancing flexibility and control over their document management and communications delivery. In the past two years Clarity has implemented dozens of regional and national health plan programs to support the organization, customization and delivery of membership ID cards and materials. Headquartered in Guilford, Connecticut, Clarity serves health plans around the country and across product lines (Commercial, Medicaid, Medicare). For more information, please visit

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