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Clarity’s Keeping Health Plans Compliant Through SBC Solution

Clarity's Keeping Health Plans Compliant Through SBC Solution

Guilford, CT (February 20, 2012) – Clarity Software Solutions, Inc. (Clarity) announced today the launch of its SBC solution to help health plans manage the Affordable Care Act requirement that mandates the creation of a uniform summary of benefits and coverage. Clarity is the cutting edge provider of on demand services supporting customized communications for the healthcare industry. Clarity earned this reputation through game-changing technology innovations and a relentless focus on customer service. Clarity's product offerings include: SBCs, ID cards, Integrated and Variable Kitted Products, Personalized Correspondence (EOBs, Statements), and Electronic Delivery of Communications (to web and mobile).

Under section 2715 of the Public Health Service Act, created by section 1001 of the Affordable Care Act and implemented in the new rules, health insurers and group health plans will have to provide uniform information about health plan benefits and coverage through a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (“SBC”) and a list of definitions (called the “Uniform Glossary”) that explains terms commonly used in health insurance coverage such as “deductible” and “co-payment”.

The new regulations are perfectly supported through Clarity's solution for managing communications. Clarity incorporates the uniform SBC template and integrates your system data to create the necessary plan specific designs required by your pre and post-enrollees. The web application easily allows your staff to create design changes on the fly to meet timely multi-channel distribution requirements for sales, renewals, plan changes or on demand member requests. The Clarity Solution keeps health plans compliant and reduces the administrative burden of building systems internally and allows them to focus on the business of providing healthcare.

“Clarity is at the forefront of understanding the challenges health plans face when managing the varied communications that are required to service their members.” said Sean Rotermund, CEO and President of Clarity. “We have prided ourselves on being able to recognize market conditions, evaluate the needs of the industry and ensure we provide timely, future-focused solutions for our clients. The launch of our SBC solution underscores our commitment to those goals.”

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