Kathy Dolan

Chief Product Delivery Officer

Kathy joined the Clarity team in July 2011 as the Director of Client Engagement bringing her experience in publishing and enterprise content management from Ernst & Young, Cap Gemini, HBO, and McGraw-Hill Companies. Her efforts for those companies resulted in more efficient content creation methods, work-flow processes, and product delivery opportunities.

As the Chief Product Delivery Officer, Kathy oversees teams implementing product solutions for new and existing clients, project management, quality assurance, and client experience. Additionally, she is responsible for governance, performance management, schedule management, risk, issue, scope management, resource management, and communications management of the company’s client-facing initiatives.

Kathy is a graduate of Columbia University – School of Engineering and Applied Science where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Management Systems. She is also a graduate of Providence College and holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Physics Systems.