Health Insurance Member Engagement – The Secret Weapon for Strategic Communications

Utilize engagement strategies to inform your members and get impressive results

  • Highlight the advantage of your health plan
  • Increase engagement around high-priority initiatives
  • Build lasting relationships with members

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The Importance of Health Insurance Member Engagement

Member engagement: A key pillar in your organizational strategy

Member engagement is essential to any insurer’s communications strategy. It’s their actions that get results, after all. However, insurers often face challenges with member engagement, including:

  • Communication barriers — Language differences, limited digital literacy, and not enough variety in communication channels could hinder insurers’ efforts to reach members.
  • Translating complex language and concepts — Insurers often have to communicate complex concepts and language to members, and those intricate topics can easily get lost in translation to the average member.
  • Compliance — Insurers must adhere to a strict set of rules and regulations on the transmission of protected health information (PHI), adding an extra layer of planning and consideration into their communications strategy.

The Features of Our Health Insurance Member Engagement Solutions

Providing services that produce key benefits for clients

We combine strategic insights from our expert team with industry-leading technology to offer clients a robust solution for their member engagement needs. Our features include:

  • Personalized Communication Options — Send custom messages to members
    Our software allows you to create personalized communication materials, targeting your members directly and creating relevant messages for them to engage with.
  • Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting Functions — Easily identify what’s working and what needs improvement.Our platform provides real-time analytics that lend themselves to insightful engagement reports, making it easy for insurers to identify the strengths and areas of improvement within their communications.These features, plus numerous others, create a powerful communications system that accelerates member engagement with health insurance. Our experienced team, combined with our elevated tech stack and utilization of data, sets us apart from the rest—and sets our clients up for success.

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Why Choose Our Member Engagement Solutions?

Our system optimizes member correspondence to boost engagement and achieve incredible results

The Clarity team understands the purpose of member engagement with health insurance and the power it holds. That’s why we create industry-leading healthcare communications that accelerate member engagement and drive members to insurers’ highest-priority initiatives. We’ll work with you to create optimized ID cards, member guides, EOBS, and more, ensuring all your materials have opportunities for cross-channel engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can insurers effectively communicate with members to increase engagement?

Some strategies include personalizing messages, knowing which channel your members want to communicate with, and collecting member feedback about your communications.

How can insurers optimize materials for cross-channel engagement?

There are several ways to do this. One example is an insurer can create a QR code that sends members to their patient portal and include that QR code on member welcome letters, encouraging them to register for the portal early in the welcome cycle.

How can insurers ensure their communications are accessible to members with varying levels of digital literacy?

The best way to do this is to have a multi-channel communication strategy, utilizing direct mail, email, SMS, and other channels to deliver materials and messages.

How do insurers measure the success and impact of their member engagement initiatives?

Insurers should establish metrics and KPIs to measure the success of their engagement initiatives. These could include enrollment rates, specific page traffic, app visits, and more.

What compliance considerations should insurers keep in mind when engaging with members?

The biggest compliance to be aware of is HIPAA compliance, which is meant to protect sensitive information about members. There may also be state-level regulations to comply with, depending on where the insurer is located.

What are the benefits of focusing on member engagement?

There are many benefits to insurers who make member engagement a priority, including improved customer satisfaction, increased member loyalty, and better health outcomes for members.

What are some best practices for communicating complex health insurance information to members?

Best practices include using simple language and eliminating jargon from communications, including explanations for anything that seems complex, and creating graphics, such as charts and infographics, to visually display relevant information.

How can insurers ensure their communications are cohesive across channels?

Insurers should have a set of guidelines for their communications that can be used across channels. These guidelines should include the overall tone of copy, specific fonts to use, and brand colors to incorporate in materials.

What should insurers do if they aren’t reaching their member engagement goals?

Insurers should look at the data and see what isn’t performing, and then test ideas to find a solution. They can do A/B testing, competitor analysis, research the latest trends, and, if they have one available, consult their communication platform’s representative about possible solutions.

How can insurers get started with member engagement software?

Our team is ready to walk you through the process and answer any questions you have. Contact us today to request a demo or talk to a team member.

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