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Stephen Mongelli

President & Chief Executive Officer

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Brian Higgins

Chief Architect

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Sarah Soderman

Chief of Business Planning & Performance Management

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Robert Stepeck

Chief Technology & Information Security Officer

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Scott Rotermund

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

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Scott Walker

Chief Financial Officer

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Dan Schlaff

Chief Operations & Compliance Officer

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Connie DiGiacomo

Controller & Chief Accounting Officer

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Kathy Dolan

Chief Product Delivery Officer

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Steve Wallace

Vice President, Integration

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Jonathan Bartlett

Vice President, Technology Implementation

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Drew Corbett

Vice President, Product Innovation

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Michael Herring

Vice President, Software Engineering

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Sharon Kokoruda

Vice President, Data Analytics

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Alex Argeris

Senior Director, Sales Operations

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Susanne Angiolelli

Senior Director, Technology Operations Integration

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Mary Brainard

Director, Client Experience

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Caroline Sereyko

Director of Compliance & Release Management

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Joël Schreiber

Director, Software Engineering Operations

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Jim Howland

Managing Director | Operating Partner (MSCP)

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Sean Rotermund

Founder & Vice Chairman

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David Beaulieu

Board Member & Advisor

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Steven Rodgers

Managing Director | Healthcare (MSCP)

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Unlocking Payers’ Most Underutilized Engagement Opportunity

November 10, 2022
Healthcare payers spend billions of dollars each year to send hundreds of millions of printed communications to their members. With 97% open rates and members spending an average of 2-5 minutes with these communications, these highly underutilized touch points are an incredible opportunity for member engagement. When optimized, those same correspondence pieces can prompt members [...]

TAHP Texas Covered Health Care Conference + Expo

November 7-9, 2022 | Hilton Austin

November 3, 2022

Clarity Software Solutions is attending Texas Covered. Will we see you there? This is your opportunity to connect with Clarity to learn how we can help your health plan optimize the communications you’re already sending (and paying for) to drive increased participation in your highest priority member activities and benefits. Complete the form below and […]

Tapping Your Untapped Engagement Advantage

November 1, 2022
It's no secret that the member-payer relationship is transforming from purely transactional to one that is more supportive, wellness-focused, and consultative. There are solid business imperatives behind a health plan's urgency for member engagement. Increasing member engagement has been a top priority for health plans for years. As managed care has become the predominant form [...]