Healthcare ID Cards

Clarity has a comprehensive solution to produce healthcare ID cards for organizations that showcases the benefits of the plan, enhances sales opportunities, and makes administering communications more efficient.


Dynamic templates for card designs can be combined with variable data and web-based information through a simple online interface for 100% variability accompanied by 100% variable welcome letters.

Easily Managed

Control production online by holding cards for review, overriding data or shipment methods or, when applicable, pulling cards from distribution.

Optimize Your ID Cards to Drive Engagement

Member engagement and retention begins with personalized, strategic communications. Ask us how optimizing this communication can drive the adoption of digital channels, create a more memorable experience, and support members as they navigate through their health journey.

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Product Highlights

  • ID card design and content changes done online in real-time.
  • Print on demand, including full color, taking advantage of real-time design changes and reducing inventory and spoilage.
  • ID cards can be laminated to 20 mil thickness.
  • Add integrated barcodes for compliance and eligibility information.
  • Application process creates healthcare ID cards that can be printed, emailed, posted to the portal or viewed on mobile devices.
  • Add, delete or modify designs in a matter of seconds with the click of a mouse. All materials can be viewed online prior to printing.
  • Dynamic "stickering" of cards to enhance member engagement.


  • Fast and easy to implement.
  • Simplifies and streamlines the process.
  • Reduces print and mailing costs.
  • Allows flexibility for personalization.
  • Enhances the member experience.

Let us show you how to guide your members every step of the way.

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