Healthcare EOBs

Clarity offers comprehensive healthcare EOB (Explanation of Benefits) solutions for organizations that makes administering communications more efficient.


Create plan and member-specific healthcare EOB templates that combine variable data with EOB content and that can be dynamically created based off business rules so there are fewer EOB templates to be managed.


A simple, online interface allows you to archive previous versions, create new designs and stay compliant with distribution turn-time requirements.


EOBs can be delivered electronically vs. printed if members elect to do so. When new EOBs are processed, members can be notified with an email to drive traffic to the member portal.

Optimize Your EOBs to Drive Engagement

Member engagement and retention begins with personalized, strategic communications. Ask us how optimizing this communication can drive the adoption of digital channels, create a more memorable experience, and support members as they navigate through their health journey.

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Product Highlights

  • Fast, efficient, flexible EOB designs.
  • EOBs across all lines of business are supported, including commercial or government programs (i.e., Medicare)
  • All changes are detailed through audit trails for history and compliance.
  • Multichannel distribution to pre and post-enrollees in print or electronically (integration to your member portal or email).
  • Healthcare EOBs are printed on demand with full color capability, if elected, to point out pertinent information.
  • With e-Delivery of EOBs, healthcare organizations can migrate to a paperless process.


  • Users can change designs on the fly.
  • Reduces inventory and obsolescence.
  • Eliminates waste and saves time.
  • Add marketing messages to frequent communications.

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