Healthcare Brochures

Aiding in healthcare member engagement, Clarity has a comprehensive solution to produce healthcare brochures, or Member Guides, that create efficiencies for organizing and personalizing materials.


Includes pertinent member information such as benefit schedules, network information and details on how to use resources such as member portals. The member's personalized ID cards are included with the guide, which have traditionally been mailed separately.


Content for Member Guides and healthcare brochures are fully compiled on-demand according to plan design. Personalize for each member or group, engaging members and increasing their level of satisfaction.


E-delivery capabilities allow you to make the detailed information necessary for membership accessible through the member portal.

Use Member Guides to Drive Engagement

Member engagement and retention begins with personalized, strategic communications. Ask us how optimizing this communication can drive the adoption of digital channels, create a more memorable experience, and support members as they navigate through their health journey.

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Product Highlights

  • Flexibility for personalization increasing member satisfaction.
  • Simplified, streamlined content.
  • Ability to compact information in a smaller kit.
  • Guides members online to your member portal, retail experience and mobile channels.
  • Sends the ID cards with valuable member guide information on how to use your plan resources.
  • Mails at a pre-sort rate.
  • Dynamic "stickering" or "labeling" of coordinating ID cards to enhance member engagement.


  • Simplifies and streamlines the process.
  • Reduces print and mailing costs.
  • Acts as a vehicle for member engagement.
  • Creates efficiencies for organizing materials.

Let us show you how to guide your members every step of the way.

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