Accelerate Member Engagement with HIPAA Compliant Direct Mail

Drive measurable results through optimized member correspondence.

  • Highlight the perks that your health plan offers
  • Direct members towards desired actions
  • Increase member retention & satisfaction

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Understanding HIPAA Compliant Direct Mail

Improving Member Engagement While Protecting Patient Privacy

One way to ensure your direct mail strategy is compliant is to work with a team that offers HIPAA-compliant mailing services—a team like Clarity’s. At Clarity, we provide HIPPA-compliant correspondence that protects private information while increasing engagement and improving member satisfaction.


Best Practices & Security for HIPAA Compliant Direct Mail

Stay Compliant and Protect Private Health Information

HIPAA-compliant direct mail best practices to adhere to include, but are not limited to:

  • Use secure technology, including encrypted software and printers, to create and send direct mail that contains PHI
  • Establish a written policy for employees that clearly outlines the rules and regulations for handling private health information.
  • Conduct audits to test the process, identify gaps, and optimize the workflow.

It’s important to stay compliant in your email communications as well. Ways of staying HIPAA compliant with email include, but are not limited to:

  • Obtaining proper member consent for email communications
  • Providing clear opt-out options for members
  • Establishing member authentication and verification
  • Ensuring your email system is encrypted
  • Crafting secure email policies and sharing those policies with staff

Clarity by the numbers…

Trusted by 100+ payer clients

150M+ member communications sent annually

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Accelerate Member Engagement With Clarity

Encourage Members to Take Action Within Their Health Plans

Clarity produces and delivers more than 150 million member communications for 100+ plans each year, including HIPAA- compliant direct mail. Our AME solution optimizes correspondence and boosts interaction with key initiatives, all while keeping private health information safe and secure. Learn more about Clarity’s HIPAA Compliant Direct Mail.

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