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The Importance of Optimizing Engagement

Helping members get the quality care they deserve

Medicare member engagement is critical because it directly impacts the quality of care members get. The more engaged a Medicare member is, the more likely they will take control of their end-to-end healthcare plan and lead healthier lives.

Other key benefits include:

  • Bridging the communication gap between plan providers and members
  • Increasing member satisfaction
  • Lowering healthcare costs

While the benefits are undeniably strong, there are challenges, including:

  • Tech difficulties — Medicare and Medicare Advantage members may not have access to the technology needed for patient portal login and digital member communications.
  • Limited access to healthcare services — Medicare members may have limited access to healthcare services due to their location, ability to travel, or even their specific condition.
  • Limited healthcare education — Some Medicare members may not fully understand key aspects of their health and/or the Medicare system, leaving them confused and unsure of next steps.

Clarity understands these unique challenges and proudly provides comprehensive solutions. From launching direct mail initiatives to crafting thorough member guides, we work with you to improve the Medicare member experience.


Understanding Medicare Member Engagement

Analyzing why members take action—and what the data means

Keenly observing how Medicare and Medicare Advantage members engage with communications will provide a comprehensive and data-backed roadmap that guides your correspondence strategy. But before you start observing, it’s important to understand the key elements of member engagement.

Factors that influence member engagement include:

  • The member’s healthcare literacy
  • The member’s access to digital technology
  • The member’s access to healthcare services
  • The relevancy of your communication’s messaging
  • The optimization of communications
  • The timing and frequency of communications

It’s also important to know how to effectively measure member engagement. Ways to measure this include:

  • Patient portal usage
  • QR code scanning
  • Surveys
  • Response rates to direct mail initiatives
  • Open and click rates for email communications

Clarity can help you establish and track these metrics and craft data-backed strategies that enhance member engagement and improve member experience.


Medicare Member Engagement Strategies and Best Practices

Using smart solutions to increase satisfaction and promote health living

There are several strategies and best practices to consider when crafting an engagement strategy. Two key pillars to focus on: Member communication and engagement tools.

The member communication pillar should include:

  • Providing personalized healthcare recommendations
  • Encouraging feedback
  • Incorporating member input
  • Encouraging preventative care and wellness activities
  • Identifying communication preferences

The engagement tools pillar should include:

  • Creating interactive tools and resources
  • Measuring and tracking engagement success
  • Leveraging data analytics
  • Testing new systems

Clarity provides industry-leading solutions that hit on these pillars to improve Medicare member engagement and encourage healthier living. Contact our team and learn how they boost satisfaction and create seamless experiences.


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