Strategic Planning to Optimize Member Engagement in 2024

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Are you ready to make this the year of engagement for your health plan? Look no further than the print and digital communication channels your members are already receiving, reading, and responding to.

The traditional model of one or two member touchpoints per year is giving way to a more comprehensive strategy. This webinar will guide you on how to shift your focus toward the ongoing member journey and create a strategic engagement calendar that leverages your existing communications (and budget).

Whether it’s an ID card package in January that encourages portal registrations or an EOB in June that promotes a relevant condition management program, each piece of member correspondence can—and should—be used to drive engagement and value for your health plan.

This webinar promises:

  • Proven strategies to capitalize on a captive audience and motivate members to take action
  • Expert insights on how best to communicate with different member cohorts
  • A data-driven roadmap to maximize the impact of every member interaction this year and beyond

Watch on-demand and make this the year you transition from routine correspondence to strategic engagement, ultimately improving health outcomes and member satisfaction.