Unlocking Payers’ Most Underutilized Engagement Opportunity

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Healthcare payers spend billions of dollars each year to send hundreds of millions of printed communications to their members.

With 97% open rates and members spending an average of 2-5 minutes with these communications, these highly underutilized touch points are an incredible opportunity for member engagement. When optimized, those same correspondence pieces can prompt members to take action — in portal registrations, program enrollment, and more.

In this webinar, learn how to:
  • Understand which communications are “low-hanging fruit” for optimization
  • Identify behavioral science tactics that move the needle in members taking action
  • Quantify the value your existing communications could be driving for your health plan

Most health plan member correspondence is underwhelming. In this regard, health plans are trailing other industries that have recognized they can (and should) optimize their communications using behavioral science techniques, design, and personalization to boost engagement with their members.

Join Clarity to explore this largely untapped opportunity for health plans to engage members through the print communications they’re already sending – and paying for – that can drive value for the plan.

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xtelligent webinar blog image