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Drive More Value for Medicaid: How to Optimize Traditional & Digital Communications

Medicaid is complex. Engagement is complicated. And things change every year. In a constant cycle of keeping up, challenging the status quo may be at the bottom of your priority list. But what if there were simple, quick-to-implement tactics to drive more value for your health plan and better outcomes for your members? In this [...]

Strategic Planning to Optimize Member Engagement in 2024

Are you ready to make this the year of engagement for your health plan? Look no further than the print and digital communication channels your members are already receiving, reading, and responding to. The traditional model of one or two member touchpoints per year is giving way to a more comprehensive strategy. This webinar will [...]

Member Engagement Case Studies and Insights

In today's competitive healthcare payer landscape, understanding what engages your membership – and executing strategies to capture that engagement – are critical skill sets. Health plans that understand and effectively engage their members are more likely to see improved health outcomes, lower costs, higher retention, and increased satisfaction. But what strategies and tactics actually work [...]

Using Regulatory Communications to Drive Engagement

Whether it's the yearly distribution of ANOCs and 1095-Bs or the ongoing delivery of EOBs, invoices, and letters, healthcare payers send a tremendous volume of regulated and required communications to their members and spend billions of dollars to do so. For decades, plans have been satisfied if these complex documents met compliance requirements and were [...]

7 Member Actions That Drive ROI for Health Plans

Many health plans today know that there is value in improving their member engagement, but most are left scratching their heads when it comes to actually quantifying that value to measure a return on the dollars they are investing in improved member engagement. In this webinar, Clarity's VP of Product Innovation, Drew Corbett, counts down the top […]

Unlocking Payers’ Most Underutilized Engagement Opportunity

Healthcare payers spend billions of dollars each year to send hundreds of millions of printed communications to their members. With 97% open rates and members spending an average of 2-5 minutes with these communications, these highly underutilized touch points are an incredible opportunity for member engagement. When optimized, these same correspondence pieces can prompt members [...]