Clarity Software Solutions Announces Fourth Annual Client Summit

Focusing on member engagement and helping healthcare organizations communicate more effectively

Madison, CT (December 4, 2017) – Clarity Software Solutions, Inc., an industry leader in healthcare communications, recently announced plans to hold their fourth Client Summit on May 15 – 17, 2018. The focus for the Client Summit will center on engagement, not only how Clarity engages its clients, but how clients are engaging their members and how they can engage with each other. The three day event provides an opportunity for representatives of various healthcare organizations to network with Clarity staff and industry colleagues.

The focal point of the Client Summit revolves around the concept of engagement and the theme will be revisited throughout the event. Networking is a key element of sharing the Clarity roadmap and hearing feedback from clients. Clarity plans to have several clients participate by sharing case studies and experiences, which will provide a new perspective on topics that may have been covered differently in the past. Interactive sessions, face to face interaction and dinners at local venues are some of the ways clients will be able to get to know each other and share their thoughts and feedback which will help guide Clarity’s innovation.

“We value the feedback that we receive at the Client Summit and have found that it is crucial to guide innovation as well as develop areas that best serve our clients’ needs,” said Steve Mongelli, Chief Growth Officer, Clarity Software Solutions. “The event allows us to thank them for their continued partnership while working on innovation crafted in an ever changing healthcare industry. We also enjoy meeting face to face in our local area, taking clients on tours of our facility and developing a more personal relationship.”

Opportunities to discuss member engagement and learn best practices from other industry experts are mutually beneficial. Participants will hear firsthand accounts from industry colleagues on measures being planned to optimize member engagement. Mongelli adds, “Clarity’s growth over the past decade represents meeting clients’ needs and innovative technology based on constant changes in the healthcare industry. The Client Summit allows the personal interaction that differentiates Clarity and illustrates our dedication to customer service”

About Clarity Software Solutions, Inc.

Clarity Software Solutions, Inc. provides technology driving healthcare engagement through multimodal communications. As an industry leader, Clarity assists clients to optimize customer relationships by enhancing flexibility and control over their document management and communications delivery. Clarity is headquartered in Madison, Connecticut, serving various healthcare organizations throughout the country. Clarity’s custom solutions are built within secure web-based technology, are easy to use and allow a single communication to be published to any media type – print, web, mobile, or email. For more information, visit