Clarity Software Solutions, Inc. Releases Positive Results From First Net Promoter Score® Survey

Clients scored Clarity above national benchmarks in the health insurance and software industries

Madison, CT (September 24, 2018) – Clarity Software Solutions, Inc., an industry leader in healthcare communications, has announced the results of their 2018 Net Promoter Score® survey which is a measure of customer experience and satisfaction. This is the first dedicated administration of the survey to all clients and results concur with previous satisfaction surveys.

The Net Promoter Score® survey was sent to all Clarity clients with a single question and an option to provide additional feedback, “On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend Clarity to a friend or colleague?” The Net Promoter Score® gauges a customer’s satisfaction and loyalty to the product or brand with an index that ranges from -100 to 100 with a score over 0 ranking as good. Clarity Software Solutions achieved a Net Promoter Score® of 46. Based on Net Promoter Score® benchmarks noted in an infographic titled, U.S. Consumer 2018 Net Promoter Benchmarks At a Glance, Clarity ranks above average for client satisfaction within the software industry as well as standards specifically related to healthcare.

Customer service is a core value at Clarity Software Solutions. In addition to the Net Promoter question, there was a comment option which provided the opportunity for clients to share feedback. One client wrote, “Great product and customer service. Clarity always goes above and beyond for us and makes the effort to truly understand our business needs.” Steve Mongelli, Chief Growth Officer, Clarity Software Solutions, Inc. said, “This metric helps us understand how we can best serve our clients and meet their needs in the constantly changing healthcare industry. We surpassed national benchmarks set in the software and health insurance space and were pleased to receive this feedback from our clients.” Clarity plans to issue the survey twice a year with the next assessment in January 2019. Steve Mongelli added, “The Net Promoter Score® gives us a foundation for future surveys and constructive feedback that will allow us to uphold our commitment to world class customer service.”

About Clarity Software Solutions, Inc.

Clarity Software Solutions, Inc. provides technology driving healthcare engagement through multimodal communications. As an industry leader, Clarity assists clients to optimize customer relationships by enhancing flexibility and control over the management and delivery of their communications. Clarity is headquartered in Madison, Connecticut, serving various healthcare organizations throughout the country. Clarity’s custom solutions are built within secure web-based technology, are easy to use and allow a single communication to be published to any media type – print, web, mobile, or email. For more information, visit