Clarity Talks Next-Gen Member Engagement

Maximizing transactional communications to reach health plan members when they're already listening

Madison, CT (August 1, 2019) – Clarity Software Solutions, Inc., an industry leader in healthcare communications, recently released a white paper discussing the opportunity healthcare organizations have to engage members by optimizing transactional communications. The paper introduces the concept of next-gen engagement, “a new level of connection that leverages data and technology and has the potential to improve outcomes by capturing consumers’ attention when they are most likely to be listening.”

“Consumerism in healthcare continues to be a major focus for all players in the healthcare space,” said Steve Mongelli, Chief Operating Officer, Clarity Software Solutions, Inc. “It’s easy to send members personalized communications, but getting them to read those communications is another story. Access to data allows healthcare organizations to use communications that members are more likely to read, such as EOBs, and add customized information relevant to that member. For example, sending a smoker a coupon for cessation products.”

Transactional communications fall into three categories: enrollment, claims and payments, and compliance. Clarity can accept disparate data from healthcare organizations, and then by warehousing it, indexing it, and normalizing it, offer plans the flexibility to make content changes on the fly to personalize transactional documents.

This capability gives healthcare organizations more power than ever to make communications meaningful to their members and to ensure they’re making the most of their plan benefits. To learn more about next-gen member engagement and how to maximize your member communications read Clarity’s new white paper, “Next-Gen Engagement: Using Transactional Touchpoints to Reach Members When They’re Already Listening.

About Clarity Software Solutions, Inc.

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