Member Engagement Case Studies and Insights

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In today’s competitive healthcare payer landscape, understanding what engages your membership – and executing strategies to capture that engagement – are critical skill sets. Health plans that understand and effectively engage their members are more likely to see improved health outcomes, lower costs, higher retention, and increased satisfaction. But what strategies and tactics actually work – and how can you prove it?

In this webinar, we showcase real-life case studies of leading health plans that have successfully improved member engagement and captured valuable insights on effective communication using the data-driven Clarity Engagement Platform and Accelerate Member Engagement (AME) tools. Our Vice President of Product Innovation, Drew Corbett, takes you behind the scenes and shares the tangible results these plans have achieved by optimizing their correspondence and inspires you to do the same by simply tweaking how you deliver member communications.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Find out how every health plan can deploy an A/B test-and-learn approach to improve engagement
  • Review baseline engagement rates for member portal adoption and see what the top plans are doing differently
  • Learn how basic member correspondence can be the ultimate member-preference collection tool

Watch on-demand to gain actionable insights and learn from the success stories of industry leaders to help accelerate your own member engagement strategies.