Using Regulatory Communications To Drive Engagement

Whether it’s the yearly distribution of ANOCs and 1095-Bs or the ongoing delivery of EOBs, invoices, and letters, healthcare payers send a tremendous volume of regulated and required communications to their members and spend billions of dollars to do so.

For decades, plans have been satisfied if these complex documents met compliance requirements and were delivered on time – viewing them as entirely inflexible – and members have tolerated receiving (and quickly tossing) these generic, often confusing, and largely useless documents.

In this webinar, Clarity’s Vice President of Product Innovation, Drew Corbett, dispels these misconceptions that regulatory healthcare documents are “inflexible” and “useless” and proposes instead how payers can leverage these communication touchpoints to drive member engagement and retention throughout the year.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Ensure every piece of correspondence drives value for your plan and members
  • Customize and personalize regulated mailings while maintaining compliance
  • Create targeted messaging to drive next best action for renewing members
  • Turn your EOBs into engagement opportunities without the hassle of redesigning
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