Preparing for a Successful Open Enrollment

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Preparing for a Successful OE Webinar

In this insightful webinar, delve into the expertise of Dan Schlaff, Clarity’s Chief Operations and Compliance Officer, and Sara Riley, Clarity’s Director of Account Management. Together, they discuss the key strategies for delivering timely and relevant member communications during the busiest time of year.

Join the conversation as Dan and Sara unveil Clarity’s proven methods that have propelled the company to sustained success. Learn how Clarity has been instrumental in helping health plans nationwide navigate this high-volume period. Gain valuable insights into Clarity’s proactive approach, prepping clients now to pave the way for a seamless open enrollment in 2022.

Throughout this webinar, unlock actionable tactics and best practices honed through Clarity’s extensive experience in the healthcare industry. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, this discussion promises valuable takeaways to optimize your communication strategies and ensure maximum impact during peak periods.