Clarity Enhances Existing Offerings

Focusing on updated templates and new features and functionality

Madison, CT (April 25, 2017) – Clarity Software Solutions, Inc., a leading technology provider to the healthcare industry, recently made enhancements to several of it’s product offerings to provide updated templates as well as new features and functionality. Enhancements were made to their Explanation of Benefits (EOB) template, Invoices and their Mobile offering. Innovation is a key focus for Clarity, offering new products as well as enhancements to provide solutions that align with the current needs within the healthcare industry.

“We continue to look for ways to enhance the products and solutions we provide to our clients,” said Glenn Morin, Chief Product Officer, Clarity Software Solutions. “We work to stay ahead of the changes in the industry and collaborate with our clients to ensure they have the most forward-leaning tools available to communicate with and engage their members.”

The EOB enhancement focused on redesigning the commercial EOB template to create a standardized template meeting CMS requirements and industry best practices. The option for e-delivery reduces costs for clients and updates can be made with ease using their flexible production processes and tools. Clarity worked to create a standard Invoice product to align with already existing features including delivery confirmation reporting, multi-delivery options and packaging options to cover individual and group volume. They offer three types of invoices: Medicare, individual and group. Their Mobile offering was enhanced by adding new features and functionality as well as additional integration for single sign on (SSO). Some of the key features for their Mobile offering include, integrated SSO for member log in as well as click-to-call options to access both phone numbers and URLs.

The Clarity suite of solutions was developed by a team of experienced industry professionals with a vision for how member communications could be done better. Flexibility, configurability, and scalability are fundamental characteristics of their web-based application. Clients can be assured of working with the most forward-leaning tools, designed to leverage the latest in technology and to meet evolving business needs.

About Clarity Software Solutions, Inc.

Clarity Software Solutions, Inc. provides technology driving healthcare engagement through multimodal communications. As an industry leader, Clarity assists clients to optimize customer relationships by enhancing flexibility and control over their document management and communications delivery. Clarity is headquartered in Madison, Connecticut, serving various health plans throughout the country. Clarity’s custom solutions are built within secure web-based technology, are easy to use and allow a single communication to be published to any media type – print, web, mobile, or email. For more information, visit